02.24.17 - Genesis G90

Hyundai had been pushing hard to have a new luxury brand borne out of its lineup and it finally succeeded. On the back of the massive success of the Hyundai Genesis over the years and the fact that Hyundai has been on the educational end of building a luxury flagship with the Equus it was only a matter of time before this brand split took place. The new brand is aptly named Genesis and the G80 is simply the car we’ve loved as the Hyundai Genesis of the past while the new G90 is an all new model that was built off the Equus.

The new G90 is the top of a lineup that offers us the true luxury we want to drive and enjoy on the road. This is a car that makes it easy to see how Hyundai can be a luxury leader as the new Genesis brand and eventually have several new models to add to the lineup including some SUVs in the future. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the G90 and share why this is a car that you’ll love and want to drive for yourself.

Interior Quality – There are impressive high-quality attributes to this car which offer use the luxury feel and equipment we want to enjoy. You’ll see gorgeous metal finishes, comfortable leather seats, high quality wood accents and the electronics you want to enjoy in a car of this quality. Every inch of the G90 is built to be comfortable and offer you the ride you want while pampering you with what you’re body and mind will enjoy on the road. This is a car that makes it easier than ever to choose a car that doesn’t come from the typical luxury brands.

Powerful and Smooth – There are two powertrains to choose from; a 3.3-liter twin turbocharged V6 engine that has 365 horsepower for you or a 5.0-liter V8 that makes a full 420 ponies. Both of these engines are attached to an eight-speed automatic transmission that will give the ride quality and smooth shifting desire. You’re able to enjoy the benefit of either RWD or AWD with either of these powertrains you’ll have an amazing ride that is perfect for you on the road in your new G90. You’ll truly enjoy being on the road in this car as the drive is easy to enjoy in this beauty.

Standard Impressive Equipment – The standard Hyundai set in the past continues on in the Genesis brand. This means you have more standard features than you would on other models to give you everything you want. The items such as lane keep assist, autonomous emergency braking, blind spot warning and dynamic cruise control with start and go are all part of the standard list. You also get 22-way power front seats, bi-xenon headlights and a 17-speaker Lexicon premium audio system as part of the standard features for your comfort. This is a vehicle that comes loaded up for you to enjoy the ride.

Room for All – This car was considered the executive limousine in its home country of South Korea in the past and is the perfect place for you to have a business meeting, a night on the town with your spouse or just have the added room you need to give the youngsters some impressive comfort. This back seat area offers you tons of leg room and you have the benefit of entertainment and climate controls for each of the seats in the rear to make sure everyone can have a great ride in the G90.

Value Oriented –If there is such a thing on the market, this is a car that comes in at the top of the luxury class to give you a great car to drive that shows up at a price that’s several thousand less than any other model on the market. You’ll love the way the G90 can give you everything you want and more with the impressive equipment offered and the drive you’ll enjoy in this car. If you were to head toward the luxury brands you know you wouldn’t find anything this perfect at a price that even compares to the G90.

Written by Blaine Traber

I enjoy Design and Architecture. This includes cars, I have always loved the design of a vehicle and it is what led me to work in the Automotive Industry at Honda. I'm also a freelance automotive journalist.

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