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03.09.17 - Volkswagen Atlas

03.09.17 - Volkswagen Atlas

Volkswagen has prepared a new large SUV for the 2018 model year to be the newest model to come in and show us what this brand is capable of offering us on the large SUV market. This new vehicle is the Volkswagen Atlas and it’s being built on the modular MQB platform that’s actually part of the Golf compact lineup. If that doesn’t show a flexibility with a platform, I don’t know what would, but the Atlas is much more than just a large SUV built on the platform of a smaller car. This SUV is built to be agile and responsive while being comfortable and spacious.

For the numbers, there are two engines that will be offered for the new Atlas, a base 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that offers you 235 horsepower or a 3.6-liter V6 engine that can produce 276 horsepower. The only transmission offered for this SUV is an eight –speed automatic transmission that will allow the smoothest shifting needed for the new SUV. These two engines are plenty for this big SUV to have the ride and performance that you want to enjoy when you’re driving in this comfortable vehicle.

As you would expect, the Atlas offers you the light steering you want and the smooth suspension that makes this SUV feel more like a European luxury SUV. This gives you an amazing ride that makes it easy to enjoy the features and comfortable space inside the Atlas. When you have a ride that’s put together the right way, like the Atlas certainly is, you’ll be able to enjoy the ride with confidence and peace from inside a cabin that’s built for your enjoyment.

With three rows of sets inside, every row of this spacious cabin can be comfortable and enjoyable on the road. The second row of seats can slide forward a few inches to create more space for those in the back row to enjoy the ride as well. The design of the trim is excellent with clean lines and excellent looks. You’ll be amazed at the impressive convenience and safety features offered to make this a connected SUV that can give you exactly what you need in the cabin. There are at least four USB ports for charging devices and heated seats to warm you on those colder days. Toss in the Digital Cockpit from Volkswagen and you have a ride you’re sure to love.

There are four driving modes to allow you the ability to select the right one for you on the road and the 4Motion AWD system that gives you the control and confidence you want. The four modes are on road, snow, off road and off road custom; each one of these offers the different settings you want for the stability control, gear changes and the performance of the ABS and traction control systems. These different settings allow you to drive the Atlas with more confidence on whatever terrain you may choose for your driving.

The new Volkswagen Atlas is proof that a modular platform can work for the entire range of vehicles from a brand. This new large SUV is perfect for what you need to do and gives you the spacious and smooth ride you want in a comfortable and spacious cabin. Give yourself the confidence on the road and the space of an SUV that’s built to be right for you and your family. This new Atlas will be offered as part of the 2018 model year; are you ready to drive the largest VW SUV that’s ever been created? Just wait and learn more about this brute between now and when it goes on sale at the VW dealership near you.

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