03.06.17 - Super Bowl LI

The newest brand on the market is Genesis. This is a small brand that has only two models in its lineup currently, the G80 and G90 which are both impressive luxury cars that you can drive and enjoy on the road. These two cars and this brand are looking for great ways to find and gain the attention needed to make sure the Genesis name is part of the thought process for anyone looking to enjoy a great car on the road and have the luxury drive desired. It seems the Genesis brand did a great job of being in the right place to make sure its name is known by many potential customers.

For the Super Bowl Genesis was the sponsor name for the NFL experience that’s hosted during the seven days leading up to the game each year. This means Genesis sponsored the autograph signings by current and former NFL players, set up the experiences that some fans got to enjoy to test their skills and even make it possible for some fans to test drive either the G80 or G90 luxury sedans at the event to make sure they would have an unforgettable experience in Houston.

The Super Bowl provides one of the largest advertising and marketing venues in the world each year. This amazing event is where you see the highest name companies and brands that you recognize. Different companies spend a lot of money to be event sponsors and to have their television ads aired each year during the Super Bowl and Genesis has certainly put its foot forward in the right way by being the sponsor of the NFL experience this year. Of course, it helps that the models offered are two we are already familiar with.

If you didn’t know where the Genesis name came from or what these two vehicles are thought back only twelve months ago at the Hyundai lineup. The Hyundai Genesis was one of the most sought after luxury cars on the market and one that everyone seemed to admire. Some of the other models from Hyundai were certainly considered affordable and value oriented vehicles, but the Genesis was the perfect blend of engineering and performance to give you a great model to drive and this car has now become the namesake of the new brand and is reborn in the form of the G80 under that name.

As for the G90, this is a car you might not have known quite as well. Hyundai did offer one model above the Genesis but it was a model that had a hard time being sold because very few people were looking for a luxury car from a value priced brand. This car was originally the Hyundai Equus and it’s been remade into the G90 with some serious upgrades to make it a true flagship sedan and one that can compete with the high-level models of many of the other luxury brands on the road today.

With these somewhat familiar models and the sponsorship at the Super Bowl, Genesis is poised to be a brand you won’t soon forget as they move forward. Over the next few years we’ll see more high-end luxury models from the Genesis brand, but for now, this brand is positioned perfectly when it comes to advertising to let more customers than ever know it’s being offered and is an impressive luxury brand that we can trust and enjoy on the market. Take a look at what Genesis has to offer after you’ve enjoyed their Super Bowl ads and you’ll certainly be impressed with these amazing cars.

Written by Kerry Marasco

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