The Views are Mixed on the New Accord

03.03.17 - Honda Accord

03.03.17 - Honda Accord

There are always rumors that swirl around when it comes to the different models when they’re being changed for the next generation or model year. This is part of the unknown and what we can consider to be speculation to some degree. Even though some rumors are just that and have no foundation in truth, it’s hard to ignore rumors that are borne from the information given form a company that’s actually producing the vehicle in question. This puts a bit of credence to the term “where there’s smoke there’s fire” but in the case of one care the rumors may be true.

When you look at what Honda has been working on over the past few years it seems only a small hop of faith to say the new Accord might make it on the market without a V6 engine in the lineup. While the V6 won’t go away altogether as its used for the Pilot and Ridgeline for the Accord it may no longer be needed, especially since Honda has found ways to produce as much as 306 horsepower in the Civic Type R engine and could simply dial this 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine back a little to get the power desired.

As for the V6 Honda Accord, this wouldn’t be the worst tragedy of the market, but it doesn’t give us a good feeling of what will come of the V6 the Accord used. For its part, the 3.5-liter V6 that was put under the hood of the Accord for years was one of the best in production, especially when you consider the fact this model was naturally aspirated which means it appealed to purists in the marketplace as well. Is it time for us to say farewell to the V6 engine on the Accord?

Not only has Honda used lighter materials and has the engine technology to put a powerful four-cylinder engine under the hood to be the right build and power mate for the Accord but other brand are working in the same manner. If you look at what Volvo has already done they have proved you don’t need more than four cylinders to produce the power needed, even for a three row SUV which the Accord certainly isn’t. The lighter build will help an create a more impressive fuel performance for the four-cylinder Accord models of the future.

In addition to the desire for better fuel mileage, fewer cylinders and the extensive use of lighter materials, the next generation of the Accord will be subject to stricter guidelines when it comes to fuel mileage and emissions. This creates a need to lean on a different powertrain for more of what we need. The Accord Hybrid may show itself as the model most desired in the future as it already has an impressive and efficient powertrain to give us more of what we want. This is a car that could easily be chosen more by commuters than any other Accord, especially with the changes the brand has made in hybrid technology over the years.

While we might have to leave the V6 behind we can certainly remember it fondly. There won’t be an Accord that comes out with a hybrid or four-cylinder engine that will sound quite as nice as the V6 Accord did. Even so, expect Honda to give the Accord plenty of power no matter the powertrains used to drive this car. Of course, there is the possibility that all of this is speculation as well and the V6 Accord will carry over into the next generation, but it seems that’s not as likely as a more powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

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