A Mobility Move by Volkswagen

02.28.17 - PayByPhone App

02.28.17 - PayByPhone App

The name of the game in the automotive world of today is mobility. The question that goes along with building the cars and trucks that we trust to get us where we need to go has to do with the livability surrounding your ownership of the vehicle you drive. Mobility is all about creating a lifestyle from the time you get in your vehicle and head out for the day until you return home at the end of the day. This means we’re looking for ways that our vehicles help us have more for us to enjoy ourselves on the road.

Different automakers have addressed the question of mobility in a variety of ways. Some have created vehicles that have a place for a charged up electric scooter in the back for easy riding on the sidewalks once you get to the area you’re going, others have made it easier for you to carry around the items you need with you when you’re going to the ocean for a fun time surfing or to any other recreational activity. Still others have put your daily life and business in the forefront of their priority list so that you can have a daily ride that makes more sense.

What is your day like when you head out? Do you head into town, look for parking, pay for the parking, have to look for the place you want for lunch, need to make several errands throughout the day and figure out what to have for dinner? If that sounds like your normal day a company that connects you with the city around you and suggests places to eat, shopping stops and even helps you find parking makes a difference for you and your daily routine. Having this connectivity with the mobility you want can be a huge part of your day and the enjoyment you will have if you need to travel from town to town for business.

Recently, Volkswagen embraced the mobility ideal with the acquisition of the PayByPhone company. This company is a Canadian based entity that allows you to pay for parking by using your smartphone apps. It’s easy to pay ahead for the parking you need and the system allows for calls and texts in order to make finding parking much easier for you. The PayByPhone app is used in many major cities including Boston, London, Paris, San Francisco and Seattle. Per year this company handles nearly $300 million in transactions for parking.

This new acquisition could bring in a new stream of income for Volkswagen and make it much easier for you to find parking as part of the purchase of your new VW model. Imagine being able to drive your Jetta or Passat and pay ahead for parking. You’ll know you have a parking place waiting for you in some of the largest and busiest cities in the world which makes it easier than ever for you to enjoy the city to suburb lifestyle you love.

By starting with something that makes sense in the automotive world, such as parking, Volkswagen makes this move in a way that allows it to become more connected with other aspects of your lifestyle in a mobility venture such as shopping and dining. Mobility and lifestyle engagement are no longer reserved only for the luxury car brands, Volkswagen is making its own move toward being able to offer you the drive you want and the engagement you need to be able to park, shop, dine and work in a much easier and more connected fashion with new features that can be added to your vehicle in the future.

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