Audi Advertising – A New Way of Advertising

A New Way of Advertising

A New Way of Advertising

When you’re watching television and you see a commercial there are different ways that the company owning the ad presents their products to you. Some will put the items directly in your face and show you the different ways you can enjoy the product in a variety of ways over the thirty-second spot while others will keep you guessing as to what the item will be until the end of the commercial. Not very often do you see an ad and never know what the item is because the company wants you to purchase what they’re selling. Audi advertising has a new way of doing things.

Car companies have used a variety of methods to try and capture your attention and allow you to know what you can expect from the products they sell. Some have used celebrities to tell you about the vehicle while driving during the advertising spot while others will simply show off the performance of the vehicle or some of the impressive attributes you can find. We’ve seen SUVs with tons of cargo room in the rear and an automatic tailgate in order to allow you the ability to open and close the rear with the wave of a foot.

Audi Advertising –  Commercial Without an Item

When you take a look at the video below, you’re going to notice several things that are different from your typical commercial spot. This video is 4.5 minutes long and it shows off an amazing professional skier and filmmaker as he takes on a variety of world locations without any snow at all. it seems the goal here is to “Ski the World” without any snow which can happen when the pro heads out to make use of gravity in a way that many of us would be absolutely amazed by.

What you don’t see is any vehicles in this commercial spot. In fact, there aren’t any vehicles at any point in the commercial, but it happens to be one of the latest ways that Audi advertising shows its new Quattro AWD system. The thought about this campaign is that all conditions are perfect for the Audi Quattro AWD technology. You can see the technology in action as the professional skier heads around the world to take on different famous landmarks including the Great Wall of China where you’ll be able to see him heading out for a lot of fun everywhere he goes.

The professional skier is a Frenchman named Candide Thovex and he’s extremely talented on his skis and with the camera work that’s created to give us a look at this version of Audi advertising. I’m not sure if a car commercial without a car in it will work, but it’s certainly fun to watch as he takes on different locations around the world. Take a look for yourself and see if this is a commercial that makes you want to purchase an Audi model to drive with the thought that the entire world is offered to you with the use of the Quattro AWD system.


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