Would You Purchase a Luxury Car with Bitcoin?

Would You Purchase a Luxury Car with Bitcoin?

Would You Purchase a Luxury Car with Bitcoin?

There are many different forms of currency in the world with Bitcoin being the newest and one that has made the news recently. The value of Bitcoin has skyrocketed in recent weeks and it has created a buzz around the world, especially for those that own some Bitcoins and want to make use of them for purchases of products. This buzz has made its way to the automotive world where it would appear the purchase of a high priced exotic car would cost more than just a few Bitcoin, but the fact is, the value is going to change that thought.

In Atlanta, an owner of the new 2018 McLaren 720S Performance has chosen to put his car up for sale with the goal of accepting Bitcoin as payment. This car is listed on Craigslist for 25 coins which is a price that’s been lowered from 30. This cost equates to $416,275 for the car, which would be an affordable price for the car. The question surrounding Bitcoin and asking for them for something like this car is whether or not they will continue to hold the value that we’ve seen in the recent weeks.

Only Interested Parties Allowed

Those who are interested in taking a look at the 720S are required to send 0.00001 bitcoin to the owner to confirm the appointment. While this equals $0.17 in value, it allows the owner to know that you actually do have some Bitcoin to use as payment if you’re interested in the vehicle. This Performance trim model has some excellent options included such as the Azores calipers, 10-spoke lightweight wheels, vehicle lift, visible carbon fiber body structure and sill panels, electric heated seats, stealth pack, sports exhaust, Gorilla Glass, and the McLaren track telemetry for your track fun.
It will be interesting to see if anyone who owns enough Bitcoin to purchase this vehicle will do so. As a fairly new form of currency, some people have quickly seen immense wealth come their way with the value of this currency on the rise. Will someone choose to cash out a few of their Bitcoin in order to purchase this amazing car and let it be the one they want to enjoy and show off on the track? That’s still to be seen, but this car owner is using an interesting form of payment in hopes to see the value increase even further.

Using Bitcoin Beyond the Web

This isn’t the first time Bitcoin was used for the purchase of a vehicle. in 2013, Lamborghini Newport Beach sold a Tesla Model S for bitcoin. This dealership was capable of accepting this form of payment, making the transaction possible. Even though Bitcoin isn’t accepted as currency everywhere we shop and buy items, it seems to be growing in popularity and may become the currency used more often in the future. This may be the form of currency we see in use when we buy cars over the next several years as a replacement for other forms of currency that we currently rely on.

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