Inclement Weather – The Right Used Vehicle for the Job

Inclement Weather - The Right Used Vehicle for the Job

The Right Used Vehicle for Inclement Weather

It’s getting later in the year and with that brings the foul weather, slick roads, and tough driving that you will need to navigate. Instead of putting your prized car through the terrible winter storms that are heading your way, spend a little money and find a great used vehicle that’s offered with AWD to handle the challenge for you. Most people think used trucks are the way to go for inclement weather while ignoring other options. This will give you a great vehicle to trust during the winter and the ability to keep the car you love for when the spring and summer months arrive next year.

2007 Nissan Xterra

Even though this SUV hasn’t been offered on the market for a while, this is a vehicle that can give you the drive you want. The Xterra was built with a rugged construction, a powerful V6 engine, and seemed to be made to find the dirty, rugged, and tough areas to drive. The AWD system will give you the confidence you want when you take it for a ride.

2007 Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe has proved itself time and again as a capable model with the reliability you want when its time drive. When you need to face the challenges of inclement weather like snow, ice, and slush, this SUV can be the right choice for you and have a vehicle that looks great. You should be able to find this SUV at an affordable price.

2007 Nissan Murano

The Murano was one of the earliest crossover SUVs that bring a unibody construction to the market. This is also an SUV that can offer you the benefits of AWD to make sure you have the capabilities you want when you take it on the roads in your area. Drive with confidence over the winter months with this SUV as the winter ride you desire.

2007 Nissan Pathfinder

You’ll recognize this used vehicle as one of the roomiest and most capable vehicles that you can take on and off the road. This sturdy body-on-frame vehicle is one that will give you the driving perfection you want when you head out on the snowy and icy tracks that you’re going to find on the roads throughout the winter months.

2008 Ford Explorer

One of the most popular SUVs on the market today can also be the most popular used vehicle that you want to put to work and be the winter driving vehicle for you. This amazing model will give you the power you’re looking for and the AWD that will ensure you’re ready to get behind the wheel and take on the foul weather you have to face.

2008 Subaru Forester

Subaru has been a brand that we know and trust for offering us vehicles that bring standard AWD to nearly every model. This SUV is the right size for you, has AWD to get you through the winter, and is small enough to be parked and saved for the next winter. You’ll enjoy several months of great driving year after year with this SUV.

2006 Honda CR-V

Small, active and ready to take a drive, you’ll love what you’ve found in this Honda. As one of the most reliable choices in the used vehicle market, the CR-V gives you the AWD system that will handle the foul weather and tough winter roads that you’re faced with. Take a look at this SUV and see if it can be the right one for you to drive.

2007 Toyota RAV4

Reliable, versatile, and capable on the road, this model of the Toyota RAV4 was brought with not only an AWD system, but a 4WD system to give you more off-road capabilities when you need to enjoy it. This means you can trust this SUV during the winter and let it offer you the fun you want on the trails in the spring and summer.

2006 Honda Pilot

The size and active drive you want comes in this big brute that brings the Honda capabilities you want and the AWD system that can tackle the tough inclement weather and winter tasks. You’re going to be able to trust this SUV for a long time and realize you’ve found a fantastic used vehicle to enjoy driving when the weather takes a turn in your area.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Another Toyota SUV makes this list and it has the ability to give you the driving you want for many years. If the winter months have been tough on you in the past, this version of the Highlander can make a difference for you and keep you driving on the roads during the bad weather you’re about to face.


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