Honda Leads the Rose Bowl Parade

Rose Bowl Parade

Rose Bowl Parade

The Rose Bowl is one of the most iconic college football bowl games held every year and this year, Honda is leading the way.
One of the biggest events leading up to the game itself is the Rose Parade, which will be enjoyed by all that attend or have the pleasure of watching it on TV. This year, the Rose Parade will celebrate its 130th year and it will be led by a brand that’s been part of the automotive world for the past sixty years. Honda will be leading the Rose Parade that will end with the celebration of the game.

The Celebration with Honda Ensues

The main float of the parade will be shaped like a 25-foot-tall birthday cake and there will be sixty band members from the historically black colleges and universities’ marching bands which participated in a battle of the bands that was sponsored by Honda. These band members will represent the candles on the cake to celebrate the sixty years that Honda has been part of the market in the US. The care will also be decorated to recreate the look of the first Honda storefront in Los Angeles and it will be called “Celebration of Dreams.”

Leading the Parade for Honda

The parade will have a unique official pace car from Honda to give us what we want to enjoy when seeing what Honda has to offer. The Honda Insight will serve in this capacity while the Acura RDX will fill the role of sound car. The float that Honda has created will be propelled by a modified Honda hybrid powertrain to give us an impressive Honda showing for the Rose Parade. This is an excellent way for the Honda team to celebrate being in the market for the past sixty years.

A Fitting Partnership

Honda was founded by Soichiro Honda who famously said “The day I stop dreaming is the day I die.” This quote is offered as a sentiment in the Honda Collection Hall at Twin Ring Motegi which offers a large, circular glass sculpture with the word “Dream” and Soichiro Honda’s signature on it. The Rose Parade represents the culmination of dreams by many people and the creativity of teams of others to bring together the amazing spectacle that is the parade itself. It’s going to be an incredible event to witness when it takes place to start the New Year.

When is the Rose Parade

Yes, if you want to see the Rose Parade aired live, you’re going to have to get up at a reasonable time. Of course, you can set your DVR and record the event that will take place prior to the game between the Big Ten and PAC 12 champions. The parade begins at 8 am Pacific time, which allows the rest of the country to sleep in a little longer to get up in time to enjoy the event that will take place. Check out the Honda float and the Insight that are part of the beginning of the event when you see it.

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