Midsize Toyota – A Variety of Choices

A Variety of Choices in a Midsize Toyota

A Variety of Choices in a Midsize Toyota

We’re not talking about a sedan or an SUV, the midsize Toyota that we’re discussing is the Tacoma. This truck is one that’s been around for a long time, weathered the storm of a midsize truck market that was boring, and now offers you more than thirty different configurations to make it possible for you to have the truck you want to drive. Right now, the Tacoma is the most popular choice in the market and when you see this truck and the number of options you have, you’ll see exactly why that is.

The Right Midsize Toyota for Your Drive in the Tacoma

Whether you’re looking at the 2019 Toyota Tacoma because you don’t need the massive size of a full-size truck or you love the active drive and the off-road prowess this truck can bring you, there’s no denying the quality and the build of the Tacoma. This is a truck that can meet all of your needs and even give you the ability to enjoy some adventures on the trails you want to explore. There’s also a fantastic package of safety features for the Tacoma that makes it the truck that protects you while you drive.

There are Some Improvements for the Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma has been on the market for a while and the 2019 version has some upgrades you want to take a look at. The TRD Pro model is upgraded with a new Desert Air Intake as an option, the models that have an automatic transmission now gain a JBL audio system and a power sunroof as part of the standard equipment. The SR model gains standard privacy glass and a new SX package is now offered on the SR model in the Access Cab setup.

Safety that Makes Sense

The midsize Toyota Tacoma is now offered with the Toyota Safety Sense P suite of active safety features. These features help you avoid pedestrians, have warnings for collision and lane changes, and allows you to have the benefits of automatic emergency braking. This system will keep you safer when you take this truck out for a drive. If you want to enjoy going out on the trails, the TRD Pro is the right choice for you. This version has Fox off-road shocks and aluminum skid plates to protect the underside from being damaged when you find the trail you want to enjoy.

Visit Toyota and Enjoy the Drive

When you want to experience a fantastic drive on the road in a midsize truck that offers you a variety of choices and the features you’re looking for, the 2019 Toyota Tacoma can be the right choice for you. Visit your nearby Toyota dealership and see what they have to offer you when it comes to what this truck can be for you on the road. You’re going to love the different options and the quality drive that’s offered in this popular truck. Get in and start driving the way you want today.

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