Best Used Hybrids Under 15K

Best Used Hybrids Under 15K

Best Used Hybrids Under 15K

Why Buy a Hybrid?

Hybrids vehicles are a fantastic option if you’re looking for the best-combined mileage in a car and want to live a more green lifestyle. Buying a used hybrid will save you money, and you can still find a newer model Hybrid all for under $15,000.

2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid

The Ford Fusion Hybrid is a popular hybrid that gets an average of 42-highway mpg. It has a backup camera that comes standard along with other modern safety technologies. The Fusion Hybrid’s engine runs quietly and helps lower outside noises. This hybrid sedan has a good amount of cargo space and is a great, affordable, newer model if you’re looking to buy your first hybrid or just make the switch from your current vehicle.

2015 Kia Optima Hybrid

The Kia Optima Hybrid is a smooth, sleek midsize sedan that has a slightly lower highway mpg at 38 compared to the Fusion Hybrid’s 42, but will still outshine your 22 highway mpg in your current car. You and your passengers will have plenty of room to relax without feeling overcrowded, and you’ll still have a good amount of trunk space for your belongings. The Optima Hybrid is a great used hybrid that you can find for under $15,000. It has a touch of modern elegance that will make you feel as if you’re driving a luxury sedan.

2013 Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is a classic hybrid that’s easily recognizable. A 2013 Toyota Prius can be found for between $9,000 and $13,000, making it a great under $15,000 used hybrid to choose from. If you want a hybrid with the top of the line highway mpg, then look no further because the Prius has a combined highway mpg of 50. You can surely go places in a Prius. It has a roomy backseat for your passengers and generous cargo space, so you can do all your errands in one trip. You also have four driving modes to choose from to make the most of your trips.

Join the Hybrid Family

Finding a used hybrid for less than $15,000 is possible and with the savings on trading in your current car for a used hybrid, the purchase will be well worth it. You’ll be getting likely more than double your current gas mileage once you make the hybrid switch and you won’t have to pay the sticker price for a 2020 hybrid. Check out the used hybrids above and go get your deal.

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