Silverado: An Excellent Chevy Truck

Silverado An Excellent Chevy Truck

Silverado An Excellent Chevy Truck

Let the Chevrolet Silverado become the truck that will give you the ride, power, and experience that you want when you need a truck that can get a lot of things done. You can trust the Silverado to handle the workload you’ve got during the week and know that you can tow a load where you want to for some weekend fun with your family. The ride is excellent and the interior is comfortable, giving you the drive and the qualities you’re looking for in a truck that’s made for work and for recreation.

Plenty of Power for You in the Silverado

There are several powertrain choices when you’re looking at the Chevrolet Silverado as the one you want to drive. These powertrains are going to give you the ability to drive where you want and pull the load you need to. Choose the power of strong V8 models and you’ll be amazed by the impressive size and fun that’s found under the hood. Tow a large trailer and know that you can have all the gear you need with you when you’re ready to get a project done at the job site that you’re working at for the day.

Make Towing Better in this Chevy

When you need to take a trailer with you on a regular basis, the chore of hooking up the trailer and checking the lights can be a challenge. The Chevrolet Silverado makes it much easier with the towing technology to store up to five trailer profiles, monitor the tire pressure of your trailer, and test the trailer lights with the use of a smartphone app. You’ll also have a rear camera that can be attached to the back of the trailer to give you the view of what’s going on behind your load.

Have a Smoother Ride in the Silverado

If you want to drive a Chevrolet Silverado that doesn’t feel like a truck but gives you the smooth shifting and impressive ride you want, you’ll want to choose the Silverado with a ten-speed automatic transmission. This does mean you need to choose the 6.2-liter V8 engine to give you the power that makes this the most powerful version of the truck you’re sure to love. The addition of two more gears means you’ve got a smoother shifting experience when you take this version of the Silverado out for a drive.

Feel Great in this Chevrolet

Step inside the cabin of the Chevrolet Silverado and you’ll find a tasteful interior that’s attractive and easy for you to have the drive that makes sense. This truck has a longer wheelbase than in the past and a flat floor in the second row of the crew cab in order to give your passengers more comfort when you take them for a drive. Check out the electronics found upfront and you’ll be amazed by how this truck allows you to stay connected when you take a drive and use this truck for work or play.

So Many Great Features in the Silverado

When you want a truck that you can make your own, the Chevrolet Silverado is a great choice. This truck can be had with the Z71 off-road package, be equipped with wheels that go up to 22 inches in size, and it can be enjoyed with a variety of technology item as well. Add the eight-inch touchscreen, seven-speaker Bose audio system, two 120-volt power outlets, the surround-vision camera, the head-up display, or the heated leather front seats to the mix and you’ll have a truck that you want to drive and enjoy every day.

Take a Test Drive at Chevrolet Today

The Chevrolet Silverado that you want to drive for work and for play is waiting for you right now. All you’ve got to do is stop by and see the team at your nearby Chevrolet dealership to find the model that will be right for you to take home and experience. Come in and pick out the right truck with the features you need so that you can bring home the weekend project, handle the work that needs to be done during the week, and pull a trailer full of fun to the lake or campsite on a regular basis.

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