Pros and Cons of the Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna

The minivan segment of the automotive industry gives you several amazing family vehicles to drive.
One of them is the Toyota Sienna, which is the only minivan in the market that has AWD as part of what you can experience when you’re ready to head out on the road. If you choose this minivan, you’re going to want to know what the pros and cons of this minivan happen to be so that you can have the drive you want to enjoy.


The Second Row Seats are Hard to Move

If you want to get into the rear seat of the Toyota Sienna it can be a hassle. The second row of seats is incredibly heavy and hard to move to make sure you can get int the rear of this minivan for a ride. This can be a problem if you have people that you have to take with you that have mobility issues.

The Engine of the Toyota Sienna doesn’t like Cold Weather

Most of the engines in the market don’t like cold weather, but the Sienna is really grumpy on cold winter mornings. If you start the engine on a cold morning you need to let the engine warm up and get to the temperature needed when its time to get going on the road. You’ll be able to drive the Sienna every day but give yourself a bit more time for this.

The Sienna has a Lot of Body Roll

If you want to ride through the turns and drive right, the Toyota Sienna can be the minivan that gives you the ride you’re looking for. This van has a significant amount of body roll and it can be a problem when you have a winding road. On the other hand, it could be a lot of fun.


Add the Nightshade Package to the Sienna

The Nightshade Package gives you an all-black exterior appearance package for the Toyota Sienna that you want to drive. This package is worth the cost with a set of black alloy wheels, a black shark fin antenna, a black sport mesh front grille, a black rear spoiler, black badges, and a black Toyota emblem on the back.

There are Several Configurations

There’s something for everyone in the Toyota Sienna. You’ll find five trims for this minivan which are L, LE, SE, XLE, and Limited. You’ll also have Premium sub-trims to give you more of what you want on the three higher trims. When you have one of these models you can enjoy a sport-tuned suspension, a power-operated auto access seat, and a few more upgrades to make sure you can have the drive you’re going to take with your family.

The Sienna has Respectable Fuel Mileage

You don’t expect too much in regard to fuel mileage when its time to drive a minivan, but you can have the Toyota Sienna and experience 19 city/27 hwy mpg when you get in an take a drive. You won’t feel like you’re dumping money into the tank to fill it with gas. Instead, you’ll have the fuel cost that makes sense when you enjoy the family drive in the Sienna. Ask about the numbers you need to enjoy when its time to drive the Sienna.

You’ll Have Tons of Small Storage Items in the Toyota Sienna

There are tons of places inside the Toyota Sienna to give you the storage locations you need when you choose this minivan as the vehicle you want to drive and enjoy. There are several cup holders, storage bins, and pockets in the seats to make sure you can put things where you want to have them. Select the Sienna and take everything with you.

Check Out the Cargo Area in the Rear of this Minivan

Behind the rear seats, you’ll have 39.1 cubic feet of space to give you a great place to keep things that you want when you take a drive. If you fold the rear rows down, you’ll see 150 cubic feet of cargo room to offer you tons of room for you to carry the stuff you want with you. It will be easy for you to bring stuff home from the antique shop if you want.

The Sienna has the Right Infotainment

The lower trims of the Toyota Sienna give you an 8.8-inch touchscreen while higher trims give you a 10.1-inch touchscreen for the infotainment you want to experience. You’ll have the benefits of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to make sure you have the connection you’re looking for when you get in and take a drive.

The Visibility is Excellent in the Toyota Sienna

You can see everything you need to when you drive the Toyota Sienna on the road. This minivan has slender roof pillars, a large windshield, and large windows down the sides of this minivan. These large windows make it easy for you to see what you need to when its time to take a drive. Get inside and enjoy the view all the way around this van when you’re out on the road.

The Climate Control System is Excellent

The Toyota Sienna has tri-zone climate controls that make it easy for you to have the heating and cooling you need in all three rows of the cabin. You’ll be comfortable right away and have the controls you need where you need them. The heated front seats work great to head your buns on a cold morning and the heated steering wheel warms your hands along the way.

The Toyota Sienna has Quick Acceleration

The Toyota Sienna can get up to speed quickly and have the drive you want right away. Whether you need to merge into traffic on the highway or drive around town, you’ll be pleased with how the powertrain works in the Sienna. This minivan is an excellent choice when you’re looking for the vehicle that can take you and your family where you need to go in a hurry.

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