Have We Gotten a Look at the Genesis GV80?

Have We Gotten a Look at the Genesis GV80?

Are we seeing the new Genesis GV80 or is Genesis trying to tease us with something else?  That was the question when this video appeared.

Automakers offer videos of a variety of items every year. Sometimes these videos are to show us new models and other times it could be a video that’s going to show us new safety features or other items. Because an automaker might hire a team to produce their videos to make them as professional as possible, there’s always a chance that we could see a vehicle that the automaker wasn’t ready to show us in some of the videos offered. That seems to be what has happened to Genesis.

Are We Seeing the new GV80 SUV from Genesis?

The video that’s linked below is one that was produced and loaded to the Hyundai Motor Group YouTube channel to give us a look at some of the new safety systems so that we can learn how they are going to be used. While this isn’t exactly an earth-shattering affair, the vehicle that’s presented in the video is what we find interesting. This could be a look at the Genesis GV80 and it might be the production version. The concept model was last seen in 2017 at the New York Auto Show and now it shows up in an unintended location.

A Computer-Generated Model that Might be Realistic

The vehicle in the video is computer-generated and it doesn’t seem to be a big deal that the Genesis team used this image for the video, but the vehicle looks different from the concept. We see sculpting on the sides, side mirrors that are significantly different, and a roof that doesn’t slope down the same way the concept model did. The whole vehicle looks more like what we would expect a production version to be rather than what the concept model of the GV80 offered.

This Could be a Hoax

It seems hard to believe that a full rendering of the new production version of the Genesis GV80 would make it to a video and past the Hyundai corporate channels without being noticed. This could simply be another way for an automaker to get us talking about what we might see in the near future. The Genesis team is poised to offer us a lineup of new SUVs over the next couple of years and it could be a video that’s offered to give us an idea of the designs that have been approved for the production models.

Lots of Talk, but No Real News

We can discuss the vehicle, and the safety features that are highlighted in this video, for a long time, but the fact is, we don’t know anything more than before we took a look at this safety video. The new GV80 and other SUVs will make their way to the market in the near future and we expect to see these models make the tour at auto shows to give us a better idea of what we’ll have in the upcoming months. Right now, we have to settle for this video and discussing what Genesis might be trying to show us.

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