Increase Your Driving Fun with the BMW M4

Increase Your Driving Fun with the BMW M4

The BMW M4 is the performance variant of the 4 Series. This could be the right car to bring you the fun and athleticism you’re looking for.

This car can be had in either coupe or convertible models and give you the M treatments you want. There’s some serious performance offered in this car when you see the 425 horsepower number attached to it and the amazing items that allow you to carve up the corners with ease.

Ferocity in the BMW M4

The BMW M4 is a ferocious beast that can tear up the road and lay waste to the others around you. This car will make it possible for you to reach sixty mph in less than four seconds and offer you the precise handling and road feel that you’ll admire. On the track, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can take this car around the turns and finish laps that will give you the time you want when you’re racing around. On the road, this car is smooth, competent, and confident to make your daily commute more enjoyable.

Choose the Convertible from BMW

The BMW M4 is offered in a convertible model and it’s not your traditional form of a convertible at all. This car is one that features a retractable hardtop that makes it easy for you to enjoy the open-air feeling that can be great when you do run into some foul weather. The hardtop folds into an area that fits in the trunk without taking up much of the cargo space at all. Let this become the M4 you love to drive so that you can let the top down and drive when you find some great weather.

A Specialized Edition of the BMW M4

If you’re looking for the most impressive version of the BMW M4, you’ll find that the CS Edition is the one you want to take for a drive. This is the ultimate model of this car and it increases the horsepower to 454 and gives you a top speed of 174 mph. Rocket to sixty mph in less than four seconds in this version and enjoy the ability to carve up the corners more than ever. The CS has adjustments to the brakes, suspension, differential, transmission, and steering for you.

Fun for You from BMW

Fun can come in an extremely engaging and powerful car that offers you the performance upgrades and quality balance that you’ll find at BMW. Check out what the BMW M4 has for you when you see your local dealer team. This car is a dynamic performance vehicle that will make it possible for you to rocket around the track and know that you’re going to have the drive you’ve been looking for. Take this car for a ride today and see if it offers you the fun that you’ve been missing on the road.

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