The Chevrolet Blazer Drives Right

Chevrolet Blazer

We no longer need to have massive truck-based SUVs to head out on the trails and enjoy the drive on the trails in the wilderness.
All we need is the right midsize SUV that can be easy to drive on the roads while giving us the capability we need on the trails as well. The Chevrolet Blazer is an SUV that fills this role and ensures you can have the drive that’s perfect for you. Visit your nearby Chevrolet dealer and let this impressive new version of the Blazer become the SUV that you trust for your drive every day.

So Much to Admire in the Blazer

The exterior appearance of the Chevrolet Blazer will capture your attention right away. This new 2020 model is a vehicle that has styling inspired by the Camaro to give you an SUV that feels upscale and sporty when you want to take a drive. You’ll find excellent gadgetry in the Blazer and have a composed ride with amazing handling to make sure you can enjoy the comfort and experience when you get behind the wheel. You can now turn the stop/start feature of the engine off so that you can enjoy a consistent driving experience.

Infotainment Tech from Chevy

You want to enjoy n SUV that offers you the advanced technology that Chevrolet has to offer and you’ll find it in the Blazer. This SUV brings you a standard eight-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system to make sure you can see everything you need. You’ll enjoy the integration of Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, in-car Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth when you get behind the wheel. Get connected and get behind the wheel of this impressive SUV that will be the one you enjoy driving wherever you need to go.

The Blazer Keeps You Safe

Choose the Chevrolet Blazer and you’re going to see everything you need to around the SUV. This vehicle can be had with a high-resolution 360-degree camera system, giving you a surrounding view of the Blazer. You’ll have to choose the 3LT trim or higher in order to get this system, but it’s certainly worth moving to one of the higher trims when you’re ready to drive the Blazer. Let this camera system guide you where you need to in the parking lots and tight parking areas that you find when you’re driving around with the rest of the world.

Drive Right at Chevrolet

You’re going to see a new face when you look at the SUV lineup at your nearby Chevy dealer. The new Chevrolet Blazer has a sporty appearance on the outside, five seats on the inside, and plenty of room for the gear you need to take with you on the road. Get in and take the Blazer for a test drive to see if it can become the model that you want to enjoy driving. You’re going to be pleased with the technology and the driving experience offered when you select the Blazer.

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