A Single Trim for the Toyota Corolla Hybrid LE

A Single Trim for the Toyota Corolla Hybrid LE

Even though Toyota has been a leader in the hybrid market, this is a first for the Corolla with the Hybrid LE trim which is right for you.

We may see more trims in the coming years, but for now, you’re going to know that this is the right Toyota to drive when you want an impressive hybrid drive during your daily commute.

This Hybrid Drives the Way You Expect

If you want to have long distances between stops at the gas station, you’ll be more than happy to take the Corolla Hybrid LE out for a drive. The quality is composed, perfectly balanced, and gives you the steering response you’re looking for. You’ll be pleased with how the regenerative braking system captures energy to be put back into the batteries for you to use during your time behind the wheel.

You’ll Be Impressed With the Cabin

Admire the cloth-trimmed seats that are comfortable and supportive. You’ll find a rear area where adults can fit that also gives you a useful 60/40 split-folding seat. The dashboard features the digital gadgetry you’re after and the information you’re looking for. A few areas of metal trim make it easy for you to have the added style you’re looking for in the Toyota Corolla Hybrid LE.

This car Doesn’t Look Like a Hybrid

One of the damning qualities of most hybrid vehicles is that they look like they were made for efficiency and left comfort and quality behind. The Corolla Hybrid LE has the style you’re after that gives you the visual appeal you want to enjoy. You’ll love the coupe-like roofline, the dynamic appearance, and a set of LED headlights that offer you the visual qualities you’re sure to admire.

Plenty of Great Safety Qualities for this Toyota

The Toyota Corolla Hybrid LE is packaged with the safety that comes from the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 suite of driver-assist features. This package gives you a pre-collision system, pedestrian detection, lane-departure warning, steering assist, automatic high beams, radar cruise control, Road Sign Assist, and Lane Tracing Assist. Enjoy the fact that these features help you have the peace of mind and safety you’re looking for during your drive.

What Features Come Packaged in the Toyota Corolla Hybrid LE

As the only trim of this hybrid version of the Corolla, you’ll find an excellent package of items for your drive. This model gives you LED headlights and taillights, 15-inch alloy wheels, heated mirrors, automatic climate controls, an eight-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. You’ll love this package of features when you get behind the wheel and take a drive.

Only a Couple of Options for You

When you choose the Toyota Corolla Hybrid LE you’ll only have two items that can be added to the mix. These two items upgrade your safety package with the benefits of blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alerts. If you add these things to your vehicle it will be easy for you to see and know if there is something or someone in your path before you back up and before you change lanes on the highway.

A Specialized Warranty for this Corolla

This hybrid version of the Corolla comes with its own specialized warranty to give you the confidence you want when you’re ready for a drive. You’ll enjoy an eight-year/100,000-mile warranty for all hybrid-related components. You’ll also have a ten-year/150,000-mile battery coverage which allows you to know that you can enjoy a great ride for many years while you’re behind the wheel of the Corolla Hybrid LE.

Enjoy the Right Power for this Toyota

The power you’ll find in the Toyota Corolla Hybrid LE comes from a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine plus two electric motors. This setup gives you 121 horsepower which is enough to get you going. This engine and motors are attached to a CVT to give you the fuel mileage you’re looking for which comes in a 53 city/52 hwy mpg when you’re out on the road.

Are You Ready for a Great Drive?

It’s important for you to have a vehicle that can keep gas in your tank and allow you to drive for many miles. The right way to make that happen is for you to get behind the wheel of the Toyota Corolla Hybrid LE. Visit your local Toyota dealer and see what this impressive hybrid vehicle has to offer so that you can enjoy a great drive every day.

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