10 Easy Ways to Increase Your Horsepower

10 Easy Ways to Increase Your Horsepower

How do you increase your horsepower to enjoy a more robust and fun vehicle to drive out on the track or on the roads you drive every day?

There are many ways you can tune up your car or give it a bit of a boost to let you know what it feels like to have a bit more than the traditional packaging. The power you want to enjoy is translated to speed, and if you need more of it, you’ll want more of the first. There are some simple ways to make that happen, and we’ve got a list to help you make sure you can get the most out of your ride.

Add a High-Performance Cold Air Intake

Denser air means more air per volume which translates to more power. Your engine needs lots of air to help give you the most power possible. Denser air is colder than regular air, so you can quickly push more of it into your engine by adding a high-performance cold air intake to your vehicle. This part reduces resistance and unwanted turbulence to reduce or inhibit stead airflow into the machine to give your car more power.

Push More Air into the Engine

Air is essential, and another way to increase your horsepower is to change your stock air filter for a high-flow air filter and intake to make sure your engine can breathe better. This small change can significantly affect the power level you enjoy. Not all air filters are legal everywhere, so you need to know what the laws are in your area. Put in a high-performance filter and let your engine breathe massive fresh air.

Your Exhaust System Could Use an Upgrade

A free-flowing exhaust with a larger diameter pipe allows your car to push out exhaust more quickly than your current stock model. The faster a car can push exhaust out, the faster it can bring in more air to deliver better power and performance. Add a high-performance exhaust system to your vehicle and let it become the part that adds more fun and dynamic driving when you hit the gas hard and take your car for a ride.

Introduce More Force to the Engine

If you can force compressed air into your engine, you can see an incredible increase in horsepower. This can reach as much as a 50% increase in your engine’s overall power. This means you should add a supercharger or a turbocharger to the mix and let it bring you much more power when you’re behind the wheel. A supercharger adds more strength to larger engines, while turbochargers add more fuel to smaller engines to give you the performance you’re after.

Not Always Advisable, but You Could Add Nitrous

When you’re not concerned about the road rules, you could add a Nitrous package to the car to offer a short period of added boost through the compressed NOS air that’s pushed through the engine. This is an exciting item to enjoy because you can take it if you ever sell your car. Of course, if you keep all of the old parts that you swap out, everything you add can be saved, but a NOS kit is something that works well on nearly every vehicle.

A Water-Injection Kit Helps When You Also Add Forced Induction

If you’ve added a turbocharger or supercharger to the mix and you want to enjoy a bit more power than that item adds to the drive, a water-injection kit could offer more boost for your campaign. This is a great way to increase your horsepower when heading out for a ride. You should use this when you don’t want to spring for the super-premium gas that will give your car the best performance, but it also costs the most.

Adding a Performance Camshaft can Offer More Power.

Put a performance camshaft in your car, and you’ll increase the duration and timing of the valve openings of your engine. This item is relatively easy to install, especially if you have the correct item for your vehicle. Your engine will quickly become much louder than before, and you’ll have more power. The only downside to adding this item is the high cost that it requires when you’re ready to get more out of your car.

Use the Right Gas for the Best Performance

If you’ve added a turbocharger or supercharger to the mix, you probably need to upgrade to at least the midgrade fuel level for the drive. When you’re ready to push your car hard and maximize power, you’ll want the highest grade fuel you can buy. If you don’t use the suitable gas in your car’s engine, you’ll lose horsepower and find no benefits. The suitable gas is a big part of that equation if you want performance.

Maintenance is an Important Factor

When you’ve invested the time and energy to upgrade to high-performance parts in your vehicle, you’ll want to keep everything clean, well-tuned, and ready for a drive that delivers the perfect level of performance. Before taking your tuned-up, souped-up muscle car to the dragstrip for some fun, you’ll want to check everything and make sure it’s in perfect working order. Check the filters, make sure the car is perfectly-tuned up, and ensure everything is well lubricated before heading out for a ride.

High-Performance Wheels Can Drop Some Weight

Lower weight translates instantly to more usable power when you drive. If you want to increase your useable horsepower, put a set of performance wheels on your car. You can drop about 10 pounds per wheel with some lightweight models that are made to give you the performance desired. Think about how much better you feel when you lose some weight; if your car suddenly loses 40 pounds, it will perform better and bring you the drive you’re looking for when heading out on the road or track.

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