Ferrari Enzo 2.0 – Gemballa MIG: Rare and Awesome

Ferrari Enzo 2.0 Gemballa MIG

Hopefully when Enzo Ferrari started his amazing and historically great company nearly a hundred years ago he envisioned cars that were so rare, so exotic, and so awesome only a very few lucky individuals could drive his cars. The Gemballa MIG is one of those such vehicles that puts nearly every other car to shame and takes the Ferrari Enzo 2.0 platform and beefs it up enough to make a huge difference to the owners of these high-performance, exotic, super sports cars that have been the envy of just about everyone on the planet for so many years.

With a serious foot hold in the racing community, especially in the Formula One circuit, it would be a shame to ever have a Ferrari that doesn’t in some way resemble the awesomeness of the racing world. So far as I have seen, Ferrari has yet to show any disappointments to their avid fans and few customers who can actually afford the amazing offerings from this longstanding and epic car company that has produced some of the finest and fastest automobiles we have ever seen. The Ferrari Enzo 2.0-Gemballa MIG is one of the rarest and most enticing cars every to grace the roads or tracks for us to marvel at and dream.

Taking this car somewhere to show off offers a dramatic appearance with all the doors closed, but when the hood, rear hatch, and both doors are lifted, the look all around is one of the heights of engineering, design, and dynamics all rolled into one. With all hatches closed, the Gemballa MIG shows off with race car good looks that appear almost like a LeMans style car with every single surface of the car offering some benefit to either the aerodynamics to make it fast, the downforce to keep it on the road, or to the airflow to help cool the massively powerful engine inside this growing monster.

The Gemballa MIG adds several carbon fiber aerodynamic features to the car to help take away some of the weight and allow for more speed. The engine is seriously beefed up to move the horsepower from 660 to 700 and the torque up to a seriously mammoth 531 lb.-ft. This allows the MIG to reach 60 mph in less than 3.1 seconds which is faster than the FXX and challenges the FXXK on a good day.

As I spoke of a rare car, this version of the Enzo is sure to be very rare. The Enzo itself has had a bad rap over the years with many being torn up by actors or ending up catching on fire because some people just don’t know what all those dials and number on the dashboard are for. With this in mind, any Ferrari model is really only meant for those who truly know how to drive and appreciate the performance of a real exotic sports car. Back to the rarity piece, only five of the Gemballa MIG models will be built for the upcoming year, making this one of the rarest vehicles on the planet.

With this rarity in mind, the price obviously will be far out of reach for a vast majority of the world, and with only five being built, even some the super wealthy who want one won’t be able to get their hands on one at all. For those of us who have no chance of ever owing a Ferrari Enzo 2.0-Gemballa MIG, the reality is we will need to admire posters on our walls and discuss what it might feel like to drive such an amazing machine.

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