Ford Police Interceptor at the Chicago Auto Show

Somehow, the Chicago Auto Show is the most attended show in America even though it offers no new models that have not been seen previously, especially for those who attended the Detroit Auto Show which kicked off the year. So what is the attraction? Why go if there is nothing new to see? gives us an inside look at their top ten things seen at the Chicago Auto Show.

Mazda MX-5 Miata

The Miata which has been a fan favorite for a long time for its size, performance and quickness showed up with a special body kit to show off. Also included on this Miata was Brembo brakes and a lightweight carbon-fiber luggage rack.

Pink Unisys

As strange as it may seem, Toyota was showing off a pink, horse-like stuffed animal atop one of their vehicles which is being described as a Unisys. Apparently a Unisys is a half Unicorn, half Pegasus (a bit strange to me at an auto show).

Nissan 370Z NISMO Roadster

Now we’re talking, a high performance coupe that has awesome styling and a seriously aggressive stance. The 370 with the NISMO kit offers a sharper body image and just looks amazing being showcased at the Chicago Auto Show.

Ford Police Interceptor

One seriously awesome vehicle that is never a desire to see in your rearview mirror will be the Police Interceptor from Ford. Built on the Explorer model but completely modified for law enforcement officials, this is a beast on the side of law and order.

Acura RDX

With a refreshed style and dynamic driving performance the 2016 version of the RDX will easily be a favorite in the Luxury SUV segment. By adding LED headlights, new driver assistance features and more horsepower the RDX will certainly gain a huge following.

Alfa Romeo Booth

The whole booth is a site to be seen. With a wide variety of classic Alfa Romeo models to showcase next to the newer versions this is a real treat with many cars that otherwise might not be on display together.

Ram Laramie Limited

With a Laramie Limited Edition that heightens the luxury, this truck is one that takes the truck part of the show to a new level. Ram has added special leather, genuine wood trim and Berber floor mats to the truck along with a full exterior restyling to make this one of the most attractive models on display at the show.

Honda Pilot

Being released in 2016, the new Pilot benefits from new architecture and continues to show in a family-friendly appearance. With excellent improvement such as a premium leather interior and a lower weight by 300 pounds the Pilot will make a great choice once the model year has arrived.

Acura NSX

Even though the Chicago Auto Show is not the first show the NSX shows up in, it certainly draws attention as the newest production super car from Acura. With gorgeous angles and high-performance features everywhere it’s certainly a car to admire and spend some time with at the show.

Ford GT

The high performance beast from Ford that took the Detroit Auto Show by storm tried to disguise itself in a silver color with racing stripes. While the classier look of silver, the blue seemed to fit the car’s personality better, but having it show up in two colors is a genius move by Ford. Maybe it will be red at the next show, who knows?

Now that’s quite a top ten items to see at the Chicago Auto Show (minus the stuffed animal) and gives some serious excitement for upcoming model years. I for one cannot wait to see each of these vehicles on the road showing off what they can actually do, that will be quite a treat.

Written by Carl Durrek

Carl is a gaming fanatic, forever stuck on Reddit and all-around lover of food. He writes about cars for several publications and lives in northern California.

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