2016 Lincoln Continental

As much as we love other Lincoln models, nothing that carries the Lincoln name has quite the same name recognition and historically supreme story as the Continental. Where has this iconic luxury car been for the past several years? It has been on the design table at Lincoln, waiting to make its comeback as a great car and that time has finally arrived, after a thirteen year hiatus, the Continental will return for 2016 as the flagship luxury model that our fathers, grandfathers and many historical figures have enjoyed and driven themselves.

The 1940 model was called “the most beautiful car of all time” by Frank Lloyd Wright when the car first came out, and the model being offered 76 years later is certain to turn heads and make car shoppers think twice about their large luxury choice. Taken to several shows recently, the concept model is a blue car, inside and out, which is the perfect calming and royal color to offer a great deal of great looks for u to see and be amazed by. The new Continental features a ton of chrome trimming to give the look we want in our top end luxury models including the large 21-inch wheels.

If you had no idea this was a Lincoln model, the backlit emblem on the nose and continuous four-point stars on the grill will certainly give you a different feel and look that show off a fantastic feeling of quality and elegance to start the look of this awesome return. On the inside the seats are covered in leather and Alcantara and the headliner even shows up with a satin finish to it, making the comfort and feel more than obvious. The carpet is even a wool shearling offering that might make you want to drive barefoot just so you can enjoy the feeling of this carpet between your toes.

If the Continental is a car you want to turn into a chauffeured car, it can easily happen as the rear seats recline, there is plenty of LED ambient lighting, and the sunroof is electronic and tinted. The rear of the car can be set up as a mobile office without any real difficulty and the quiet ride will make either driving or riding in the Continental one of absolute joy. In fact, the only sounds you will hear are the sounds you want to hear coming from the 19-speaker audio system.

If you need a mobile office or a fun car to take out for a fun night on the town, the Continental offers a chiller for a bottle of champagne as well as two detachable attaché cases on the back of the front seats to carry the paperwork or laptop needed. The front seats are thirty-way heated and cooled buckets that offer massaging and are some of the most comfortable seats on the entire market. These seats are so amazing there are more than fifty patents pending for the various technologies of the seats alone.

Not to be left out is the engine of the Continental which shows up as a 3.0-liter EcoBoost engine that is completely exclusive to Lincoln. Currently Lincoln has not said anything about offering a V8 in this flagship luxury car, but once they see the need to do so there is no doubt a V8 will be coming on down the line very soon. Even without the V8, the Continental may have a leg up on other uber-luxury models with some decent fuel mileage to enjoy from the V6 engine, making it easier to enjoy a long trip to the next great destination.

Bringing back the Continental is the best news to come out of Lincoln in years and having this car be as awesome as we have all thought it should be and expected it to come out as, which is an awesome luxury car. Look for the new 2016 Continental to show up at Lincoln dealers as a car that will have to be ordered and may have a model in the showrooms later in the year for your to sit in, play with and feel the complete and total upper echelon of luxury found in this awesome car.

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