Mitsubishi EVO Electric SUV

When people think of Mitsubishi, they think of EVO. When they think of EVO, they think of rally speed. While the Lancer EVO may be leaving, the namesake may continue in the form of an electric sports utility vehicle.

That’s right, the ASX, known in the United States as the Outlander Sport, is being considered to carry the EVO name. This time, it won’t be short for “Evolution” but rather take advantage of the Japanese word for “king” which is pronounced “oh.” The would then be turning the letters EVO into an acronym that means “electric vehicle king.”

I know. It’s a stretch. But then again, does anyone really car what the various letters in car names and trims actually mean?

According to Left Lane News:

The idea may not be as far fetched as it seems at first blush. Mitsubishi has been in the lead when it comes to developing electric rally cars for use in events such as the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Last year, such a car set a new Electric Vehicle record on the famous Colorado course. Mitsubishi has also focused much of its motorsports efforts on racing SUVs in events like the Dakar Rally, where it won the grueling event 12 times overall, including a 7-year-in-a-row streak in the mid aughts.

Written by Kerry Marasco

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