More Size Equals More Space

2016 red ford flex

2016 red ford flex

When you really need a vehicle with capability, versatility and space you want to drive a large SUV or a Crossover that shows up as one of the larger models.  These vehicles are meant to get you and your gear wherever you need to go including an off road destination.  These vehicles are large and in the case of the crossovers give you the driving capability you want to enjoy so that you can take full advantage of the awesome size and performance that these SUVs have for you.  Let’s take a look at the large vehicles that you want to consider to find the right one for you:

Dodge DurangoThe Durango has been considered one of the most impressive family haulers on the market and give you a vehicle that offers a third row of seats that is room and ready for your to enjoy the ride.  This is one of the original crossover SUVs and brings in plenty of power and great handling to be perfect for you.

Ford ExpeditionThe Expedition is the large SUV that we have loved for a long time.  This SUV offers space for as many as eight passengers and the length we want to be able to carry all our gear wherever we are heading.  With two wheelbases to choose from you can have up to 42.6 cubic feet of space behind the third row or have the second and third folded for 130.8 cubic feet of space.

Ford FlexThis is the city SUV that has the size you want.  The Flex is a bit unusual and offers you three rows of seats and plenty of great space for you to really enjoy.  With its size and shape the Flex this vehicle appears more like it should be an assault vehicle rather than one that is made to take the family wherever you need to go.

Toyota HighlanderThe Highlander has been a highly popular SUV that is great for families to troll around and carry the soccer team where it needs to go.  This SUV is easy to drive and enjoyable to maneuver making it one of the most versatile vehicles in the lineup from Toyota for you to make into your family hauler that will be happy to take you where you need to go.

Mitsubishi OutlanderAs one of the smaller vehicles in this group you can enjoy the driving and capability the Outlander offers in order to give you a vehicle that is great for running your errands and heading out for a great drive in the country.  This SUV is comfortable in the city and gives you the versatility you need to bring your antique find home to enjoy.

Nissan PathfinderThis is now the roomiest Pathfinder ever and that speaks volumes to families who are looking for a fantastic SUV to drive that will give you everything you want to enjoy from a great SUV.  The Pathfinder is on par with the Highlander when it comes to family popularity.

Honda PilotWhen you visit the Honda lot the only vehicle larger than the Pilot is the Odyssey minivan.   The Pilot scores the maximum of five stars in the safety testing and becomes one of the best choices for hauling the family around and having the space to carry plenty of gear to wherever you want to go and have the stuff you need to enjoy the destination.

Hyundai Santa FeThis SUV is one that fits perfectly for any family.  You can have this as a five passenger offering in the Sport or go full size and be able to haul up to seven people along with the stuff you want to full enjoy the game, lake, campsite or beach.  With the Santa Fe you will have a great SUV to love and plenty of standard features included.

Toyota SequoiaThe Sequoia is a large SUV that is a body on frame vehicle that is one of the best people haulers on the market today.  This massive beast does not drive like a body on frame vehicle as Toyota has found ways to soften the ride in order to make sure you can enjoy the ride in a vehicle that will be a great drive for you to enjoy.

Kia SorentoThe Kia Sorento is basically the Santa Fe in different skin.  The Sorento gives you a vehicle that is well-equipped and offers easy driving and parking to be the right larger crossover in a city setting that comes at a great price.  This makes the Sorento one that will be perfect for driving and for bringing what you need throughout a city setting.

Chevrolet TraverseThis SUV offers you seating for seven and lots of space in the back to be one of the most attractive and accommodating vehicles on the road.  The second row slides forward to make it easier to access the third row of seats to be one of the best drives on the road today.  Picking the Traverse allows you to have a vehicle that is right for driving on just about any road.

Volvo XC90When you buy a vehicle with the Volvo name on it you are making the choice to select a vehicle that is high on safety.  As a large luxury laden vehicle the XC90 is one that will take care of all your passengers and give you one of the most exciting large SUVs to take for a ride and have the space you need to carry what you want and enjoy the awesome features offered.

GMC YukonThe Yukon is massive and full of space.  You can nearly turn this beast into a home, but I wouldn’t suggest that.  This big brute is great on the trails and drives with confidence and personality to let you show off in awesome size.  Filled with great features and offering plenty of size in the back this is the vehicle you want when you need to carry a large load of people and stuff with you.

Mazda CX-9The CX-9 is the largest SUV in the Mazda lineup which can give you some of the most exciting driving you will be able to have in order to enjoy a great ride.  This SUV enjoys the awesome suspension and steering systems that are includes in all Mazda vehicles to give everyone driving a Mazda vehicle a drive that will put a smile on their face that is as big as the grill on the vehicle.

Land Rover LR4 As a large and square shaped SUV the LR4 offers you the awesome ride that Land Rover has come known for including along with some of the greatest driving dynamics off the road that you can find anywhere.  The LR4 is one that will make a statement for you everywhere you go and be the perfect vehicle for you to take on a long camping trip with plenty of room for gear.

These SUVs give you a wide range of choices to make in order to let you have a price difference from the most basic to the height of luxury.  When your lifestyle calls for a large SUV or larger Crossover make sure you check out this list and have some fun shopping and selecting the right vehicle for you.

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