Mercedes-Benz, A Concept of Sex Appeal

04.03.17 - Mercedes-AMG GT Concept


04.03.17 - Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

One of the most impressive brands in the world is that of Mercedes-Benz. This brand has been the one that we’ve admired for many years to give us some of the most alluring and elegant cars to drive. Once you get past the looks the appeal of these cars don’t end as the power under the hood is always strong and formidable and the electronics and features inside give you the dynamic way to enjoy the ride that will keep you coming back. Even the seats are built to be supportive, comfortable and able to wrap you in the embrace you want.

At the Geneva Motor Show Mercedes-AMG brought a new GT Concept to give us something that offers the sultry feeling you want from start to finish. You can begin at the front with the large and gorgeous grill that’s flanked by substantial and modern headlights that offer the LED accents that make this car look exciting. Move across the sheet metal of the body and you’ll feel how silky and smooth this car can be with curves and angles that make a difference in the visual appeal that you get to enjoy in this awesome machine.

The current AMG GT is a coupe design with two doors but this new concept model is one that adds two more doors for you and gives you the four-door coupe model to enjoy. This allows the GT to have a fastback design in a car that will be perfect for the ride on the road if this car makes it from Concept to production. Even though this is just a concept, the car has been made to help celebrate the Mercedes-AMG 50th Anniversary together and it gives you an idea of how much Mercedes wants to have a car in the lineup that takes on the Porsche Panamera and wins.

New to this concept and expected to be carried through the AMG named cars is the new EQ Power+ designation. This is a designation that has to do with the hybridization and electrification of the future models that Mercedes-AMG will create. Every performance hybrid model from AMG will carry this designation in the future. This creates the significant commitment to making performance based models have the addition of these power features to be both more powerful and more efficient than they’ve been in the past; a responsible change to the alluring lineup offered.

This particular model from Mercedes-AMG uses a 4.0-liter twin turbocharged V8 engine plus a high performance electric motor that uses a powerful and lightweight battery. This gives this car an overall output of 805 horsepower and puts a vehicle in the lineup that can be driven in either full electric or full gas mode. This car is also able to reach sixty mph in less than three seconds which makes this a gorgeous and fast paced car that we certainly hope will make it to the production line of Mercedes to be offered on the road in the future.

Much of the technology for this new concept came from the AMG GT R. This includes the centrally mounted exhaust and active radiator shutters. The side mirrors are replaced by cameras, there are tons of carbon fiber features as well giving you a car that’s lighter and more advanced. If we see this car make its way to the production line and onto the roadways we’re going to have a car that makes a huge difference when we want something near the top of the market to drive. This Mercedes-AMG GT Concept is a car that looks great and offers a smooth and sexy design that we can all get excited about. If you’re interested in the new GT Concept, check out this “First Look” video from AutoGuide.

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