Toyota and Subaru Will Work Together Again

Toyota and Subaru Will Work Together Again

The recent joint efforts of Toyota and Subaru has given us the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ to be the pair of sports cars that share a platform.

The pair have announced a new partnership that will result in something that we certainly need for the future of the automotive market. These two brands will be able to join up and create a new battery electric vehicle platform that will be used for midsize and large passenger vehicles. This should be an excellent partnership and give us a pair of great vehicles to drive.

The Expected Results

The previous partnership between Toyota and Subaru resulted in a small and simple sports car that each brand was able to put their own spin on, but this new platform should garner more vehicles. If the platform created is versatile, it could easily be the one that underpins a large number of medium and large vehicles from both brands. The plan is to create a new electric crossover model that will be badged and packaged for both brands to make it easy for us to have a great EV for our daily commute and other driving duties.

This Platform Will Combine Strengths

Subaru brings us an uncanny ability to place the center of gravity low in its vehicles and offers a dynamic AWD system that continues to be one of the best on the market. Toyota has the expertise needed in the electrification arena to help create a vehicle that’s affordable and easy to drive. Joining forces to create an excellent electric vehicle that will offer us the battery power we want to enjoy will make it easy for us to have a great ride and know that we’re using power that’s renewable.

A Great Way to Save

Developing a battery electric vehicle can be expensive and advanced technologies causes costs to rise even more. By working together, the Toyota and Subaru teams can share the costs and develop the electric crossover that we want to see. Another challenge is the use of raw lithium and other materials that makes the demand for batteries greater than the supply. By partnering, the allocation of these batteries can be less of a hassle for both brands to give us the power we want to enjoy when driving around.

Get Ready for this EV Crossover

The new crossover platform that will result from the partnership between Toyota and Subaru is expected to be one that brings a lot of what we want together. Toyota is currently the largest single stakeholder in Subaru with 16.77 percent of the shares in the company. These two companies have imagined an electrified SUV that comes with the Toyota electric expertise and the Subaru AWD dominance and are putting these things together to bring us the vehicle we want to drive. Get ready to see what this new crossover will be that just might be the right one to sit in your driveway in the future.

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