Will You See the Jeep Cherokee in Your Driveway?

The vehicle we walk outside and take for a drive every day has to do everything we need. Will that vehicle be the Jeep Cherokee?

This compact crossover SUV comes with a variety of pros and cons for you to consider when you’re looking for an SUV that can handle the challenges you throw at it. Let’s see what our list includes to figure out if this is the SUV for you.

Pro and Con – Engine Options

The base engine for the Cherokee is one that lacks power and acceleration when you drive. You will likely want to forgo the 2.4-liter naturally aspirated base engine and opt for the 2.0-liter turbocharged model instead.

With this model, you’re going to have more power and performance during your drive. Of course, if you want to drive the Trailhawk version, you’ll enjoy the V6 power of this trim level.

Pro – Excellent Off-Road Qualities

The Jeep Cherokee, while being an amazing on-road vehicle, is at its heart, a Jeep. That means you can expect it to be capable of handling the trails you find and giving you the fun you want to enjoy when you head away from the paved roads. You’ll need the Trailhawk model and will enjoy the Jeep Active Drive Lock feature and an upgraded AWD system to give you the items you need to experience trail driving at its best.

Pro – The Climate You’ll Enjoy

The Cherokee includes an automatic climate control system that works extremely well to give you the controls and the environment you’re looking for. You can have the exact temperature you want to enjoy every time you take this SUV out for a ride. Set the temperatures and let this SUV become the one that you love to enjoy, whether it’s cold or warm outside.

Con – Driver Aids Not Offered

Don’t fret or worry; the driving aids and safety systems you want to enjoy are offered on the Jeep Cherokee, but you have to move to higher trims. You’re going to leave the base engine behind, and that means you should move up to higher trims and add the benefits of more safety features. The Latitude trim gives you blind-spot monitoring, forward collision warning, and lane-keep assist to name a few of the items you can have in this SUV.

Pro – Seats are Comfortable

When you’re considering a brand that has focused on the off-road experience for so long, you might not expect to find comfortable seats in the cabin for your drive. The Cherokee does not sacrifice comfort for power or off-road qualities; it brings you seats that can be enjoyed all day long. Whether you take this SUV to work every day or you choose to head out for a road trip, you’ll be pleased with the comfort offered.

Pro – A Spacious Cabin

Many compact crossover SUVs have little to no room for passengers in the rear seats to enjoy a drive, but the Jeep Cherokee offers you plenty of legroom. Let your passengers sit back and stretch out during your drive.

This SUV can be used for your carpool or when you want to head out for a night of fun with your friends.

Con – Road Noise

You will notice some road noise entering the cabin when you take this Jeep out for a drive. It’s not enough to keep you from having a wonderful experience in this SUV, but the Cherokee reminds you that it’s getting things done for you. This is a minor annoyance, and it will eventually fade into the background when you’re driving.

Pro – Towing Capability

You won’t find very many SUVs in this class that can tow as much as the Jeep Cherokee. This SUV is rated to tow as much as 4,500 pounds when properly equipped. This means you can take a small trailer or bass boat to where you want to go for some fun in the outdoors. You could also tow your grill to the parking lot for your tailgate fun before the big game every weekend.

Pro – An Excellent Infotainment System

The Uconnect infotainment system is one of the best in the industry, and it continues to give you the fast response speed and amazing relay of information that you want to enjoy during your drive.

You’ll be more than happy to have this system in your Cherokee. If you prefer, you can use voice commands to make your selections with this system.
With this list of pros and cons, will the Jeep Cherokee be the SUV that’s sitting in your driveway?

Visit your local Jeep dealer and let them help you figure out if this SUV can be the one you take home today.

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