10 Automotive Holidays You Probably Didn’t Know About

10 Automotive Holidays You Probably Didn't Know About

It seems like every day of the year is now some obscure holiday. Add these automotive holidays to your calendar to celebrate everything with a motor.

Most of these dates celebrate the automotive industry in some way, but some are meant for other items. Regardless of the name of the day, you can toast a glass of whatever you like to drink to the interesting day that has become marked on the calendar to be a celebration of something with a motor.

National Airboat Day – February 19

Airboats have been around since 1920 and most famously spend their days on top of the waters in the Florida Everglades. Of course, there are airboats in other areas of the country. On this date, the lakes and rivers can be filled with amazing airboats powered by the giant fans on the back of them to get them going to where you want to spend some time. This is the perfect day to head to the lake in southern areas of the country, and it was created by Wild Florida Airboats.

National Autonomous Vehicle Day – May 31

One of the most futuristic automotive holidays on the calendar is National Autonomous Vehicle day. There are only a few places where self-driving cars are allowed, but the entire country can celebrate this date and what it stands for. Some areas, such s the Autonomous Friendly Corridors proposed in North Dakota, could help to make this day more interesting. As we move toward a driverless world, this date might become more popular; you could be one of the earliest celebrators of this obscure holiday.

National Collector Car Appreciation Day – July 12

The date of this celebration changes annually, which means you’ll need to check your calendar every year to see when it occurs. This is a holiday that should need no introduction. Find a car show in your area with some amazing collector cars on display. This could be the perfect way for you to enjoy the fun and activities surrounding the car show and the date offered. Make sure you tell everyone at the car show what the holiday is so they can celebrate with you.

National Day of Motoring – July 24

A day of motoring is a fun celebration and it’s fitting that this automotive holiday falls in the middle of summer. What’s better than a day of, diving around on your favorite roads in the car you love to enjoy? Head out for some driving pleasure and make sure you stop at roadside stands for your food. Not only can this be a celebration of driving, but it can offer a bit of nostalgia to go along with the driving fun.

National Hot Rod Day – June 11

The hot rods get the summer started off right with a day of celebration that brings hot rods to the forefront. The Petersen Automotive Museum asks this holiday is celebrated with the Petersen family in mind. This family is one of the first families of hot rod racing with an incredible racing legacy in the sport. If you’re looking for a great way to celebrate, find an old movie with hot rods in it or if you’re in the area, head to the California coast where hot rod cars are seen often.

National License Plate Frame Day – June 15

Your family and friends might wonder why you’ve fired up the grill and taken the day off work on June 15. All you’ve got to tell them is that it’s an important automotive holiday. This is the day we celebrate license plate frames. One of the best ways to celebrate is to put a new frame on your car, truck, or SUV that you love to drive. Get out there and show off your license plate frame pride on June 15.

National Motorcycle Ride Day – October 8

The date for this holiday moves around, but it’s always the second Saturday of October. This is the day you’re supposed to get your bike out for one last ride before putting it away for the winter. While that could make the ride bittersweet, it’s a lot of fun to think about the ride you’ll take and having some fun on that ride. Get out there and cruise around on your motorcycle.

National Name Your Car Day – October 2

Does your car have a name? Why not? Every car deserves a name, just like your pets and your kids. If you haven’t named your car, the right automotive holiday to do so occurs on October 2. This is a great day to celebrate the fact that we love our cars so much that we often give them names and enjoy telling others what those names are. It doesn’t matter what your hooptie happens to be, it deserves a name, and you should give it a good one.

National Ship Via Rail Day – May 10

This particular day doesn’t have anything to do with the automotive industry, but it’s an important date in the industrial revolution. On this date, the final spike was driven into the Transcontinental Railroad in Promontory Point, Utah. This is a day we should all celebrate, for, without it, shipping across the country via rail would not have happened. Well, maybe it would have on a later date, but May 10 is the day to celebrate this historic occasion.

National Train Day – May 7

Here’s another automotive holiday that doesn’t have anything to do with autos, and it moves around. When it’s National Train Day, it’s expected that you travel by train somewhere. This could be a great day to begin a vacation and take the train to where you want to go. Thank the railway employees that help you get where you’re going, and celebrate everything that trains have added to our lives. If you’ve never traveled by train, this is a great day to do so.

Which one of these automotive holidays is your favorite? Will you add these ten dates to your calendar this year and celebrate the world of engines and motorized vehicles?

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