Dealer Markups of the Popular Nissan Z Leaves Drivers Outraged

Dealer Markups of the Popular Nissan Z Leaves Drivers Outraged

An Affordable Sports Car Stirs Up Trouble Online

Select Nissan dealerships have left customers outraged with steep markups on the well-loved Nissan Z. One Nissan dealer in Georgia has especially hit a nerve with drivers after marking up the Z nearly 100%.

The Nissan Z has long since been one of the most affordable sports cars on the market. Known for its trendy design, nifty cabin appeal, and high-performance capabilities, the Z sports car has built quite a solid reputation for itself.

Georgia Nissan Dealer Marks Up Z Nearly 100%

Despite that reputation, one Georgia Nissan dealer has set the internet ablaze for what’s an undeniably eyebrow-raising price tag of a Nissan Z.

The ordeal stems from a post on the New Nissan Z Facebook page that features a Georgia dealer’s outrageous Z posting. Online outlet Carscoops reports that the original posting shows Georgia’s Scott Evans Nissan advertising the Z for a whopping $129,999.

According to Nissan, the Z Proto Spec without any add-on features is listed at an MSRP of $52,990. So why this drastic markup from the Georgia dealer? The dealership explains that the inflated price is due to a “market adjustment”

Community pushes back as Nissan Dealership Takes Defense

It goes without saying that followers of the New Nissan Z Facebook page were quick to call out the “market adjustment” explanation as plain old greed.

With hundreds of comments populating under the Facebook page’s post, Nissan Z enthusiasts pushed back about the blatant markup calling out the dealership and any others looking to profit off what should be an affordable sports car.

One Facebook user shared, “I have no problem with markups but 100% above MSRP is ridiculous. It’s not that most of us can’t afford it, it’s that we’re not stupid with our money.”

Another user lost their appetite for the appealing sports car altogether sharing, “With all this crap it’s making me not even want to buy a Z because of it… the Z was one of the cars I was looking at but that is crazy I guess just to keep looking at some different cars.”

The Georgia dealership was also quick to defend itself after the backlash. An employee of the dealership identified as Skyler Evans was quick to defend the dealership sharing, “Thank you for all of the feedback. The vehicle has since been sold. We appreciate the attention both positive and negative. The new Z is an amazing machine so try not to lose focus on that. The car and price are not for everyone and we understand that. Thank you.”

Later on down in the comments thread, Evans took a harsher stance explaining that inflation and the rising cost of goods impact every industry, automotive included.

Choose Your Nissan Dealer Responsibly

While the auto market has undeniably been a rollercoaster over the past couple of years, It goes without saying that price gouging even in the automotive landscape is never okay.

For drivers looking to get into an all-new Nissan at a fair market price, it’s important to do your due diligence in working with a reputable dealership. By choosing a quality Nissan dealer you can enjoy a car buying experience built on mutual respect and communication with a team committed to serving the community they operate in.

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