A Meeting of Concept Cars in Monterey

A Meeting of Concept Cars in Monterey

When you think of concept cars and the place they’re revealed, you normally picture a big stage at an indoor event location.

Many of us picture the concept cars being put on display at a show and the cars of tomorrow being the center of attention, especially if they remain under a cloak until the time when one of the representatives from the company pulls the cover off. These shows often have lights and displays and are offered at an indoor arena in some of the largest cities in the world to be where we see some of these new concepts.

A Different Place to Display Concept Cars

Why wouldn’t you want to put your concept car on display out in the sun? Don’t you think the summer air and warm weather of the August month make more sense for showing off some of the concept models that could become the cars of the next generation? This thought is certainly part of the theme for the Monterey Car Week which takes place in August every year in Pebble Beach to give us a look at some of the most expensive and luxurious cars in the world, including some of the greatest concepts as well.

What About the Bright Lights?

The bright lights of a spotlight, stage lights, and computer-controlled lighting that can offer you the dramatic effect of showcasing a car at one of the many car shows around the world aren’t present in Pebble Beach. All these car models have to showcase and offer the lighting effects desired is the sunshine, but that’s all they need. During the Monterey Car Week, cars are displayed in a setting that’s more natural to how they will actually be seen in the world. Because the lighting is natural and not fabricated, only the best cars can capture your attention.

The Concept Lawn Tour

The video below gives you a look at the tour of the Concept Lawn at the Lodge at Pebble Beach that took place just last month. This tour was part of the Monterey Car Week, and as you can see from the video, the cars on display were simply amazing. Think about how cool it would be for some of these concepts to make their way to the market and actually be a production model for our enjoyment and visual amazement as the car drives by.

A Fairy Tale We Want to Be a Reality with Concept Cars

Even though we know for a fact because the bean counters are really the ones controlling which cars are made, that concept models we see in the video will likely never make it to production, we can still dream and hope. Maybe, just maybe, one or two of these concepts will make it to the production line. Of course, if the car is one from one of the high-level automakers that has a rich history of producing some of these supercars, we’re more likely to see our fairy tale come true with a concept that could make its way to the production line. This thought is what keeps our hope alive.

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