The Bronco Will Have What We Want

Ford Bronco

Ford may be taking its sweet time developing the new Ford Bronco to bring it to the market for our enjoyment, but this new model appears to be being built in a way that we’re going to admire and enjoy when it arrives.
The new Ford Bronco should easily be worth the wait when it comes to light as the vehicle that will compete for off-road prowess against the Jeep Wrangler and will give you the new adventure vehicle that you want to drive. This new rugged off-roader will be perfect for you with one item that you know will make it more fun when you drive.

The Patent Discovered

A patent for the Ford Bronco has been discovered that shows this SUV being offered with doors that can be taken off when you want to have the open-air driving feeling that you’re sure to love. The filing for these removable doors comes with the application to patent special inflatable safety devices that would be able to be removed along with the doors. There could be a tubular door device that’s left in place which will contain the airbag that could inflate when needed but still allow you to have a drive with no doors in place.

Another Type of Application for the Bronco

Another way the side airbags of the Ford Bronco could deploy, which is also covered in the patent is with a tubular device that can extend as soon as a collision takes place with the airbags inflated right away. This telescoping structure would offer the safety needed on the side of the driver and front passenger in the Bronco while giving you the joy of being able to drive the Bronco with the doors removed. With this device in place, you could be comfortable and safe in the Bronco and still have the fun you want while driving on the beach.

A Challenge and a Question

The challenge of being able to include side-impact airbags in an area where doors won’t be positioned at all times is a difficult one. Of course, so is the safety aspect of a device that will shoot out from the front fender across the door opening and have the airbags deploy at a high rate of speed. This is a device that hasn’t been tested and until now, hasn’t been considered in other models.

What Will We See in the Ford Bronco?

So far, we have no idea exactly what the Ford Bronco will have and how it will look, but the idea of removable doors is an exciting one. This feature makes it fun for you to drive the Bronco on trails in your area on a sunny day so that you can experience the fun in the wilderness. To remain competitive with the Jeep Wrangler, the Ford Bronco will need to have doors that can be taken off while you drive. We’re pretty excited to see what the Bronco will be, Ford needs to get this new SUV to the market already.

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