A Honda That’s a Lot of Fun in the Wilderness

A Honda That’s a Lot of Fun in the Wilderness

Honda has developed a vehicle that can tear up the trails and head out on the desert sand for an impressive level of fun and adventure.

This new concept vehicle is called the Rugged Open Air Vehicle Concept and it’s a massive ATV that gives you the size you want and the power you’ve been looking for. This is a great way for the light-truck and the side-by-side divisions of Honda to work together to produce something incredible.

Imagine What this Honda Offers

The new Rugged Open Air Vehicle Concept is a mash-up of the Honda Ridgeline and the Honda Pioneer 1000. The Pioneer 1000 is a smaller ATV vehicle that’s made to head out on the trials for a lot of fun. While Honda doesn’t know how they want to classify this vehicle, it can be called a wide-by-side that’s a lot of fun for you. You can take three friends and a lot of gear with you to wherever you need to go when you choose this amazing vehicle, that will hopefully, make its way into production.

The ROAV Concept Brings the Power

Honda put a suspension system from an ATV under this Ridgeline-sized vehicle and cut the wheel wells to allow the vehicle to offer the suspension travel needed to take it out on the trails and let it be the model that’s easy to enjoy. In the cabin, which is open to the air as this vehicle has only half-doors and no roof, the features are rugged and weather resistant to be easy to clean and enjoy on the trails and in the wilderness where you might want to take this amazing vehicle.

This wide-by-side is strictly a concept model and it does make use of a lot of custom components from Honda including a modified Ridgeline body and suspension along with the doors that come from the Pioneer. Many of the Pioneer 1000 features that were created to let this concept be built had to be sized to fit on the Ridgeline model. The seats you could sit in are right out of the Civic Type R to give this vehicle a feeling of speed and power that would be great for the drive on the trails that you would enjoy in this massive ATV/small truck.

Taking this Beauty on the Trails

While the ROAV is certainly simply a concept model, we can see that it should be taken on the trails and it might be the right vehicle to take on the RZR and come out on top. Behind the seats, there’s a bed that can carry all the gear you need to put inside and have with you when you take this vehicle out into the wilderness. Take a look at what this concept model offers and hope that we might see this model created at some point in time as a vehicle that will be offered for our fun in the sun.

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