Here’s What We Know About the New Z Car

Here's What We Know About the New Z Car

With other sports cars being renewed, it’s the perfect time for Nissan to offer us a new Z Car to admire and enjoy.

The aging platform and build of the 370Z will be replaced in 2021 by a car that we expect to be called the Nisan 400Z. The power for this new car will come from the luxury brand of Infiniti and we’ll likely see an impressive transmission to make this car a lot of fun to drive.

Blending Classic with Modern in the New Nissan

The iconic Z car is part of automotive stories and admiration. The new 400Z will bring designs we saw in the Z Proto Concept car that made its way to car shows recently. This new model will marry the classic style we love with much-needed interior modernization to give us a car that can be fun to drive while offering the features we want to enjoy.

Expected Power for this New Z Car

When the Nissan 400Z shows up, it’s expected to have the same powertrain as the Infiniti Q60. This powertrain gives us a 3.0-liter engine that can reach 300 horsepower. The high-performance NISMO model is going to possibly be tuned to 400 horsepower, which would mimic the Q60 Red Sport 400 we see from Infiniti. The 400Z will likely only be offered with RWD to give us the hard-core sports car dynamics that we love.

Getting Inside the Nissan 400Z

While the new Z car from Nissan will be brand new in 2021, the layout of the cabin won’t change. You’ll still see a two-seat coupe build with no rear seat at all. That’s about all that will be the same as the outgoing 370Z. Everything else in the cabin has been improved and upgraded. The new 400Z will have a modern cabin with updated materials that first appeared on the stages in the Z Proto Concept vehicle. You can expect to find genuine leather upholstery, power-adjustable seats, dual-zone automatic climate controls, and the screens you need for infotainment. You’ll certainly see the modern touches in a car that has a heritage that dates back to a time when the name Datsun came before the Z in the name.

Modern Tech You’ll Love in this Nissan

The new Nissan 400Z is once again a Z car that you can drive every day if you want to. This car will bring you the infotainment you’re looking for and an excellent 8.0-inch screen. The Nissan list of driver-assistance features will be part of the mix as well, giving you one of the most comprehensive packages of features that can make you stay safe and have the ride necessary on the road.

Are you waiting to see what the 2021 Nissan 400Z will bring? Have you been looking forward to the new Z car? It’s on the way and will be offered at your nearby Nissan dealerships soon. Get ready for the next generation of one of the most significant sports cars in modern history when the 400Z arrives.

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