Affordable Stylized Driving in a Used Mazda6

The search for the car that delivers style, practicality, fun, affordability, and a premium feeling is only completed when you drive a used Mazda6. This car brings all of the qualities you want to the road while giving you an amazing driving experience when you’re behind the wheel.

There are several trims for you to search from, making it easy for you to have the feeling you’re looking for when it’s time to get out on the road. Check out the variety and availability of this car and what it will offer when you’re ready for some driving fun.

The Pros and Cons of a Pre-Owned Mazda6

We’re going to consider this car from the 2015 model year. You might find newer models to have modern equipment, but this will give you a good idea of what to expect when shopping for this car.

Pro: The SkyActiv-G Powertrain

The 2.5-liter SkyActiv-G engine is legendary in the market. This engine delivers the torque at low rpm to boost off the line you want. Even though the power coming from this engine only reaches 184 horsepower and 185 lb.-ft. Of torque, you’ll have the benefits of the acceleration that comes from the torque arriving early.

Pro: Sporty Driving Dynamics

The used Mazda6 you drive gives you an amazing suspension, chassis, and handling that makes this car fun out on the road to go along with the powertrain offered. You might find a model that has a six-speed manual transmission to make driving more fun with the capability to shift your own gears.
Experience the amazing drive when you’re behind the wheel of this car.

Con: Harsh Driving on Bumpy Roads

You might want to upgrade your car if you buy the Mazda6. This car has driving dynamics made to give you a sporty feeling from behind the wheel, but that also means you’re going to feel the bumps as this car takes a beating. This feeling may take some getting used to, or it might be something you change with the right parts. The low ground clearance adds to the feeling, but this is a trade that you might have to make to have a fun and sporty sedan.

Pro: Attractive Style

One of the most attractive vehicles in the market is this Mazda sedan. If you’re looking for a vehicle to drive, you should put a used Mazda6 at or near the top of your list. This car has smooth lines, impressive aerodynamic features and can be had with attractive 19-inch alloy wheels. Find the right model and take this car out to show it off to your friends and family.

Pro: Excellent Convenience Items

This car is one that gives you the benefits of features you might not expect in an affordable sedan.
You’ll enjoy the push-button starting system, keyless entry feature, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, and a moonroof.
The moonroof can be opened with the use of a one-touch button that allows you to see what you want out of the roof. Enjoy the connectivity of Bluetooth that makes it easy for you to hear the navigation directions from your smartphone.

Con: Simple Interior Design

The 2015 model year wasn’t one that had a ton of interior style elements for this car. Look at a used Mazda6 from a newer model year, and you’ll find a premium interior with design elements that look amazing. Even with a simple design, you’ll have a cabin that’s easy to understand and enjoy during your time out on the road. Don’t allow this feature to be one that keeps you from driving this impressive car where you want to go. Black upholstery and high-tech features can be ideal for your driving pleasure in this car.

Pro: You’ll Never be Too Cold or Too Hot

Some models of this Mazda6 come with heated front seats to make sure you have the warm feeling you want when it’s time for a comfortable drive on the road. This car also has dual-zone climate controls that allow you and your passenger to be as comfortable as you want to be during your drive. You’ll never be uncomfortable when behind the wheel of this impressive sedan.

Pro: Tons of Handling Qualities

Many features are included in a used Mazd6 to help you drive right when you’re behind the wheel. This car gives you a traction control system and dynamic stability control to keep you from sliding on slippery roads. The Hill Launch Assist feature aids the engine when you’re heading up an incline, and the Smart City Brake Support will help bring the car to a stop when it loses traction.

Con: Some Touchscreens Can be Finicky

Keeping in mind, we are talking mostly about a 2015 version of this car, you might find the touchscreen to be a little slow when loading navigation features. This might turn you toward a model that’s much newer to give you the speed and results you’re looking for when it’s time to browse through the menus and have the information you desire.

Pro: Active Safety Features

The used Mazda6 you want to drive can be had with technology that will keep you out of trouble when you’re behind the wheel. This package of safety features can include blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, forward obstruction warning, and rear cross-traffic alerts to keep you away from a collision and ensure you have the safety you need when you’re out for a drive in this car.

Pro: Good Fuel Mileage

You’ll find the Mazda6 to be sporty, energetic, and fun on the road, but you’ll also enjoy the fact that you can receive nearly 40 mpg when you’re out on the highway. This car can also reach 28 mpg in the city to give you good fuel mileage results everywhere you go. This means you could get up to 600 miles on a tank of gas when you’re taking a long drive to your next destination.

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